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Eat Seattle Cooking Classes

After 30 years of my Dad telling me that I should open my own company, and me quickly replying “no, Dad, that’s not me, I prefer to lead a less stressful life and will continue working for someone else” …  I’ve decided to open my own company. It was inevitable really…my grandparents ran their own grocery store, my parents had a water-treatment equipment company, my brother founded an educational training company and, of course, I married a man who ran and sold his own medical rental equipment company. Impressively, all successful attempts… Knowing this, you’d think I’d be running the other direction seeing as though 8 out of 10 companies, supposedly, fail. Despite the statistics working against me, I’m determined to do my best to keep the family track record clear.

Inspired by our year in Europe, I’m opening a food tour and cooking class company, called Eat Seattle, in the Pike Place Market; showing off the best of Seattle through food. My fondest memories of our year traveling in Europe weren’t the gourmet restaurants, but rather, our food experiences- the market tours, wine tasting adventures, cooking classes and super clubs. During these events we would learn so much about local cuisine, culture and meet like-minded people who also love travel and food.

Among many things, our year abroad, taught me to appreciate Washington’s food production and our efforts to implement more sustainable practices in our farming and fishing industries.  My mission with Eat Seattle is to highlight Northwest products, their farmers, reveal the fascinating story of the Northwest and have a blast while doing it. Eat Seattle has experienced chefs guide our groups through the famous Pike Place Market where we taste the food of the artisan vendors who have shaped the market, learn where the local chefs shop, the sources of these products and get our hands dirty creating a 3- course seasonal menu together.

You may be surprised to know there are no food-educational tours in Seattle like this. Yes, there are entertaining food tours that will serve you a delicious donut, talk about that vendor and move you right along to the next stand, but nothing that delves into a deeper culinary perspective of NW food. The more I get into it, the more I realize why…it’s expensive. Hiring an experienced chef, cooking with local organic products and taking people to the best vendors in the market costs a small fortune. Small fortune ideas, naturally, have more risk attached. So why am I taking this risk?

  • Because people are ready for it!! I’m confident that people will pay to be in a group with like-minded foodies, learning a ton of facts about food and the Northwest, tasting some of the best flavors and getting hands-on experience with beautiful products
  • I’m also excited to endorse the vendors in the market who work so hard to make their products the highest quality
  • I’m at a point in my life where making people happy through food and knowledge gives me a greater sense of purpose
  • There’s also a potential benefit that, if Eat Seattle is successful, I will give a talented chef the center stage as he or she executes their ideas and relays their knowledge that otherwise wouldn’t be seen. The culinary world is full of talented individuals who never get recognized.

Someone told me to listen to an entrepreneurial-focused podcast yesterday morning titled “From Mentee To Millionaire“. The entrepreneur interviewed started his company because he wanted “to be a millionaire”. He now has a 2 million dollar net worth and spent the first 15 minutes talking about his goal and his net worth.  I’m happy that he worked hard and achieved his financial goal but I question if somebody approaching business like that will ever truly be satisfied. Of course, if I can turn this into a profitable business then it will certainly be a metric that shows my model is working and will allow me to continue to improve upon it. I’m super excited for this journey in front of me and hope that others will support me as it develops.

Tours and classes are listed for June, July and August on my website: . Oh and cooking classes booked in March or April for June can use the discount code “earlybird” when checking out to get it for $104 (instead of $129)

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  1. Andrea says

    Congratulations Liz for taking an amazing step in your life and bringing to Seattle what will no doubt be memories that will last forever.

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