Egg Hunting in Europe


Eggs from the Boqueria Market in Barcelona

A month ago, when Easter was upon us, Chris put it well when he said ” every day is an Easter egg hunt with you”. This is because the typical pastry-centric European breakfast doesn’t work for me. I adore pastries (anything with sugar really) but you give me a pain au chocolat at 7 am and I’m ravenous and hangry by 9 am. My usual breakfast fare consists of a veggie-filled two-egg (one yolk removed) omelet with a piece of baguette. So, on shorter stay trips, where we don’t settle into a rental apartment, we are left scouring the streets; looking for something that will satisfy my protein void. We now have a new rule. We must memorize four things when we visit a new country…the capital city, who is currently running the country, how to count to 4 and how to say “eggs”.

My life was forever changed after our trip to Barcelona this Spring. I was introdcued to the Spanish omelet (or Tortilla Espanola). I’ll admit,  I wasn’t expecting much from it as this daily task is more of a check-list item than a quest for pleasure. But I was mistaken…

The silken eggs perch atop a piece of French bread that absorbs the tasty cooking oil adding a delightful texture and taste. The omelets can be filled with various vegetables which provide the mouthwatering visual.  But the key ingredient are the potatoes that construct the vehicle to making this delicious go-round. Chris and I happened upon a treasure of cafe in the Garcia neighborhood called Lo Pinyol. The woman who graces Lo Pinyol with her Spanish omelets has been perfecting her recipe for over 20 years.

spanish omelette, Lo Pinyol in Barcelona

Spanish Omelette- Lo Pinyol

I’d love to tell you that I went home and blew the Spanish omelet out of the water.  My attempt was good but far from Lo Pinyol’s perfection. There’s an art form that I haven’t been able to replicate.  For now, my egg loving heart will forever remember my short fling in Barcelona.

If you’d like to impress your friends or family for brunch I would suggest giving it  a try. A couple tips:

Watch a video to get down the right technique and use a trusted source.

Warning: it takes patience, practice and a lot of oil.


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